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Because the field of counselling and psychotherapy is constantly evolving, my approach to care is dynamic, multi-disciplinary, inter-faith and evidence-based by referring to the latest research in psychology, social work, social economics, physics and psychiatry to inform my clinical applications. This enables you to receive the best, most well thought-out clinical care possible.

While possessing specialized knowledge in healing and recovery from different forms of abuse, trauma, mental health and addictions issues, I believe you know what you need better than anyone; you are the expert on your own life and life circumstances. I enter as a supportive guide with expert information in the areas of healthy relationships and mental wellness development and recovery but you are in control of our therapeutic rhythms.

I primarily work from a place of recognising the truth in multiple positions and tolerating apparent contradictions to find the "wise mind" of the situation in the spirit of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Zen Buddhism. I have helped people identify their strengths, goals and take steps toward achieving them with confidence and discernment.

I am currently providing counselling services for the Indian Residential School Support Program (Yellowknife & Nunavut) and several Employee and Family Assistance Programs. I offer limited private sessions. I am happy to offer services for all ages throughout the lifespan, from age 6-100. Please phone oremail me to see if you qualify for counselling through any of the programs I offer.

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