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all our children

I am currently finishing the printing of my 3rd book, "All Our Children: A Book of Meditations."

I wrote this book during a personally and professionally transformative time when I was working as a counsellor in a residential treatment centre for women (a "rehab" facility) and when I was newlywed deeply in love. This book is intended to be a resource for anyone wanting to slow down the clock to get present. This book is also a testament to the reality that no matter what external conditions we may be experiencing, we can always find the truth in stillness and connecting authentically to our inner compass.

To order copies of the physical book at the prorated cost of $16.99, email with your address and an EFT for the above amount. Ebooks are also available at $4.99 and can be ordered the same way.

Public speaking & presentations

mental HEALTH, conflict resolution & recovery

Across the span of my career, I have worked to destigmatize the need and treatment for mental health programs. I have also advocated for the training of clinicians to provide access to specialized services such as abuse prevention, intervention and follow-up care.

It has been uplifting and inspiring to see professionals embrace their personal connections and experiences with mental health concerns as strengths that inform their practice. I am no different and in my presentations, happily blend personal anecdotes alongside statistics to engage a wide variety of audiences.

From helping cult-survivors adapt to the aftermath of the psychological abuse they experienced to modern-day practical acts of reconciliation after years of government injustice against Indigenous Canadians, I speak about what I have witnessed and what research has proven to be effective ways of healing through a lens of objective rationalism (and a healthy dose of compassion).

Vulnerability, wisdom and compassion go hand-in-hand and I am available to provide workshops for companies, schools and organizations struggling with institutionalized roadblocks and conflict resolution problems. I can support groups wanting to learn more about how to support their staff and customers healing through PTSD and how to resolve conflict through reconciling cultural differences based on historical injustices.

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